5 Reasons Why to Choose ROYAL CERAM’s Ceramic Tiles

When it comes to ceramic tiles, Royal Ceram stands out as a leading manufacturer known for its high-quality products and innovative designs. With a focus on durability and style, Royal Ceram offers a range of ceramic tiles suitable for various applications. This article explores the characteristics of Royal Ceram’s ceramic tiles, including their absorption rate, suitability for walls and floors, and abrasion resistance.

Vitreous Tiles: Durability and Versatility:

A key feature of Royal Ceram’s ceramic tiles is their low absorption rate, particularly for their floor tiles. With an absorption rate ranging between 2% and 3%, these tiles are considered vitreous, meaning they are highly dense and have low porosity. This characteristic makes them highly resistant to moisture, stains, and other forms of damage. Consequently, they are ideal for high-traffic areas and wet environments like bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor patios.

Royal Ceram’s wall ceramic tiles, on the other hand, have a slightly higher absorption rate of 13%. While this indicates relatively higher porosity, these tiles are still durable and well-suited for various residential and commercial applications. They offer the advantage of being lightweight and easy to handle during installation.

Aesthetics and Variety:

Royal Ceram’s ceramic tiles come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, colors, textures, and finishes. This diverse selection allows customers to find the perfect tiles to complement any space, whether it’s a modern residential bathroom or a bustling commercial area. Matte, glossy, and textured surfaces provide versatility in design choices, allowing for customized aesthetics.

Abrasion Resistance:

Another crucial factor to consider when choosing ceramic tiles is abrasion resistance. Royal Ceram understands the importance of longevity and maintaining the tile’s appearance over time. The company’s tiles are designed to withstand wear and tear caused by foot traffic, furniture, and other physical contact.

Choosing the Right Ceramic Tiles:

While abrasion resistance is a vital factor, it’s essential to consider other aspects such as absorption rate, slip resistance, and overall durability when selecting ceramic tiles. Each factor contributes to the tile’s performance in specific settings. By considering these factors holistically, customers can make informed decisions and ensure their ceramic tile installations meet their long-term needs.

Royal Ceram’s ceramic tiles offer a combination of durability, style, and versatility. Whether it’s their vitreous floor tiles with low absorption rates or their wall tiles with higher absorption rates, Royal Ceram delivers quality products suitable for various applications. The company’s emphasis on abrasion resistance ensures that their tiles can withstand daily use and maintain their appearance over time. With Royal Ceram’s ceramic tiles, customers can enhance the beauty of their spaces while enjoying long-lasting performance.

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